Lightworker 101


You will never see the world the same way again! You will gain the ability to see the world through “energy eyes”.  Everything is energy and energy can be transformed with our thoughts and intentions.  Once you learn these skills through Lightworker 101, the world becomes your oyster.  You will gain the ability to positively impact your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing . . . on demand.  In this course, you will finally understand just how powerful you truly are.  Come join us!   

Your Instructor: Wendy C Williams, MS – Leadership Coach and Spiritual Teacher; CHB Academy Director

Light Worker 101: Working With Energy For Healing & Transformation


This class changes lives. It teaches you how to become a more powerful person and how to handle life with greater ease. Anyone who wants to learn how to work with energy, work with the chakras & work with the aura to heal one's self would be interested in this class.

Light Worker 101: Working with Energy for Healing & Transformation is a 4-week class


In this class you will learn:

  • How to know the right thing to do EVERY TIME by connecting with your inner guru
  • Understand human energy anatomy so that you can transform
  • How to reduce physical aches and pains using energy
  • How to shift the mood in a room from negative to positive
  • How to develop your intuitive, energy reading abilities
  • How to understand your way of seeing intuitively
  • How to read the chakras & the aura in a unique coordinate system
  • How to connect with the most powerful part of yourself

You will also receive over $400 of value in bonuses:

  • A complementary energy healing/reading session with Wendy (value $200)
  • The "How to Protect Yourself Energetically" mini-course (value $150)
  • A special guidebook entitled, "Neutralizing Conflict Without Incurring Negative Karma " by Wendy C. Williams (value $55) where I walk you through the technique I've used twice to handle bullies at work.  Within three weeks of employing this spiritual tactic, the haters were gone!  ? You'll learn exactly what I did to make it happen.



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