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2020 was a year of unprecedented change.  From the Covid-19 pandemic to the social rights global movement triggered by the murder of George Floyd, and the polarizing US election, the world has been coping with stress and trauma affecting all of us. We are no exception.

In response to all of these dramatic changes, we have decided to expand the Crystal Heart Books suite of services to online platforms (Crystal Heart Global Market & Crystal Heart Books Academy) so that we can ensure our customers are safe while being served by us.  We choose to build a global audience of spiritual seekers, those committed to their journey of personal growth and healthy, joyful self expression.

In addition, we are making our values and moral standards clear.

We support all marginalized groups, we are actively anti-racist, and we amplify voices of color.  We support all people regardless of their gender identification, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, political affiliation or disability.  As long as no harm is being done, you are free to be yourself here and we welcome you with open arms and lots of love.


Meet Our Team

Norman Baldwin

Norman Baldwin

Founder | Reader

Norman is the founder/owner of Crystal Heart Books, Inc. He is a gifted reader and partner at Crystal Heart Books Academy.

Wendy C Williams, MS

Wendy C Williams, MS

Leadership Coach | Spiritual Teacher

Wendy is an entrepreneur, coach & spiritual teacher.  She is the founder/partner of the Crystal Heart Books Academy.

Scott Vandehey

Scott Vandehey

Co-Owner | Creative

Scott is the co-owner of Crystal Heart Books Inc. and the Crystal Heart Boutique.  He is an expert on the spiritual properties of crystals.

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